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sick skills

August 5, 2008

not too long ago I found myself thinking about the amount of skill it takes to be an amazing athlete, but more on the EPL (english premier league) level. I cant even start to imagine the amount of speed, consistency, and skill that you would need to have a shot a being an EPL player. Well one of those questions, those relating to consistency and skill, was answered for me when I came across a nike soccer commercial. The commercial stars EPL star Wayne Rooney and what he does is set up a camera, draw a target on it, jogs about 20 yards out, starts juggling a ball, turns and volleys it, striking the camera perfectly. Of course thats amazing, and well my next question would be weather that is real or not. That answer came right after that when I saw a behind the scenes video as well. amazing, so I just wanted to share em with you. hope you enjoy, and are having an amazing day.



the commercial

the making of, even more amazing