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More Beautiful You

September 4, 2009

Sooo, the school has gotten off to a rough start.  Surprise surprise.  I’m already getting senioritis and its only 4 days into my last semester. This does not boad well for the rest of it.  I just wanted to share a bit about the transition back into the “real” world and life after summer staff and some things I’ve noticed and some little insights God has shown me.

It’s so obvious that the world dictates so much about how we view things.  Like for instance, how we look.  As I come back to College Park and the weather is amazing, people tend to dress “their best”.  In other words, when its hot, and you got a body to match, you show it off.  The funny part to me isn’t that girls and guys dress in these ways to show off their bodies, it’s the fact that they feel that they have to, to be accepted into the world we live in, to be “beautiful”.  The world defines what is beautiful and whats not.  Does that sound messed up to anyone else?  People go from putting on loads of make up, to taking steroids to look ripped and huge, to getting fake boobs, to getting clothes that show off everything that is legal and so on.  I’m not hating on these people, nor do I think that I am better than them in any way, so please don’t think this is a “hater sesh”, because it’s not.  I’m just saying it’s crazy to do these things because we are pressured to believe that this is whats beautiful, that true beauty comes from how many heads turn as you walk into a bar or classroom, or how many people stop while walking past you on the sidewalk to take a second look.

I heard a song a while back and fell in love with it, but recently have really been listening to it a lot and really taking in the message and words of the song.  The song talks about what this girl has to compare herself to.  As she “flips through a magazine” and sees all these “perfect” women and wants to be just like them.  She says she doesn’t though because her body doesn’t look like that and shes always been called overweight.  Then later it goes on to say that shes now 21 and done some things to feel beautiful.  She has given herself away, found her identity in men, and so forth.  Then the chorus of the song really got to me.  It says , “There could never be a more beautiful you, don’t buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through, you were made to fill a purpose, that only you could do, so there could never be a more beautiful you.”

God has given us this purpose, but not only that, He CREATED US.  In Genesis 1:27 it talks about God creating us in His own image.  If we were created in His image, why are we trying so hard to live up to this image that world has set out.  In Romans 12:2 it says, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  We were made for a purpose, and God has created us especially for it, so we are perfect just the way we are.  We don’t have to live up to expectations.  We don’t have to dress or act a certain way to be accepted and loved by God.  That’s a pretty amazing feeling and I feel that this song does a great job of explaining it.  Hope you enjoy.




It’s always a fight

May 15, 2009

Have you ever tried to personify sin? You know, make it tangible or something relevant to your life?  I feel like Lecrae does it very well in his song, “indwelling sin”.  Attached is a video for the song some guy made on youtube.  This song is sick because it really shows the battle between us and sin.  It is not something that we beat in a day, or if we “beat” it that it’ll never resurface in our lives.  Sin is something that is always pursuing our hearts away from God, and I think the more we are aware of that, the more we will be able to fight it off.  It’s clear how much God hates sin, so it makes sense that it would battle for dominance in our hearts and lives.  The song is basically a dialouge between two guys, one who has surrendered his life to Christ, and the other who doesn’t understand and wants him to go back to his old ways.  The believer is trying to explain that he doesn’t want that sin that was taking over his life, how it never satisfies him.  He is doing everything he can to get rid of it, and taking steps to avoid it in the future.  He talks about all the temptation that he faces, and how giving in “no way honors God who’s ruling sovereignly.” which is one of my favorite lines.  Sin means we have to make a conscious effort to turn our backs on God.  We have to love something apart from Him, more than Him.  To me, that is a scary thought that we can be so easily tricked and deceived by a world who doesn’t get it.  Our lives and hearts have been transformed, and I think that’s why we are so shameful of sin.  Someone who is not following Jesus may not have the same convictions, so we do our best to justify our actions as “better” than them.  Wrong.  We’re both in the same boat, in need of salvation, the only difference is that we know where to find it.  Maybe we should be asking ourselves questions as to why we’re not sharing that.

So how do we fight sin? How do we rid our lives of it? Well one, we will never rid ourselves of it, so lets throw that option out the window now.  However, we can fight it, so that our lives will honor God.  We have to be aware of it.  In his song, Lecrae hits on a sensitive issue, pornography.  He basically says that it’s not one day, “i think i’ll look at porn, oh crap I’m addicted.”  He explains that things lead to it, so if we can avoid certain situations, we can ultimately avoid the sin that it can lead to.  “A little BET, late at night, thats like a little crack”, “I see how you be tryin’ to be, BET at night becomes addiction to pornography”.  The point he makes is amazing.  Our sin starts way back with the little decisions.  The situations we place ourselves in lead to temptation or God.  Where are we placing our hearts? Towards God, or away from Him, losing the ongoing battle to sin every day.  


Enjoy the song






Bite My Tounge

January 29, 2009

How many time do we say things too quick, just to look back on it what like, “what the heck bro?!” and feel like an idiot for letting that thing come out of our mouth?  That happens to me about 834794 times a day.  Listening to “Bite my tounge” by Relient K has given me a pretty good perspective on the subject.  The whole song is about not letting things out of your mouth that you would normally not.  I think we are so quick to speak that we don’t let our brains intercede, then we end up saying things we don’t mean.  For me, a great practical example this would be on the soccer field.  When I’m playing, my mouth isn’t thinking.  I’ll make a mistake or just be talking, organizing defenders, etc and something absolutely ridiculous will come out of my mouth.  For me, this is not representing Jesus in the way I should be.  Being in the heat of the moment is not a valid excuse for the words that come out of my mouth, just as well as school, alcohol, mean people, bad breaks, mistakes and so on are not good excused either to be not reppin’ JC with our words and speech.  The bible calls us “fools” who speak with unwholesome talk.  The last thing I would want to hear from God is “what up fool!” when I meet up with Him.  So basically its something I’ve been struggling with it, and if you are too, I hope this and this song helps ya out.  



“He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.”-Proverbs 13:3   




Even When Your Hope is Gone

January 12, 2009

Matt Wertz just recently (in the last 6 months) put out a new album with some of his new songs on there.  One of his songs called “keep faith” is great and I just wanted to share it with you.  Have you ever heard the Dane Cook bit about the person who cant stop crying because it feels like everythings going wrong, and someone taps you on the shoulder and its the world? haha well if you havent then that wont make any sense but if you had, this will.  Lately its been like that for me.  No i haven’t been uncontrollably crying or anything, but it feels like the world is winning, like my life has taken a big downward spirial.  But after listening to this song for a while, I really started to get the message.  That message being that “even when our faith is gone, even if you’re barley holding on, even if you start to break, keep faith”.  Ya it feels like crap to know that your life isn’t necessarily where you want it to be, but thats life.  God never promised us a perfect effortless life but He does promise us life to the full.  But the point where we miss out on that full abundant life is when we lose faith, when we give up.  So this song was just really encouraging to me to not give up.  That the world makes it easy to lose faith.  People let us down, school never goes according to plan, relationships fail, food doesn’t taste good sometimes, we make stupid mistakes, we lose people that are important in our lives, we see terror in the world, we see lying, stealing, rape, murder, lust, drugs, and hate.  But there’s grass thats always greener on the other side.  All of that crap that tears us apart is trumped by Jesus willing to hang on a cross for us and die in our place.  So this stuff that makes us “lose faith” has no hold on our lives any longer.  That no matter what goes wrong, no matter how many times he or she will disappoint you, or how many times you screw things up, God doesn’t make mistakes.  He doesn’t give up on us, He doesn’t lose His faith in is no matter how many times we lose our faith in Him.  I hope this post and this song is an encouragement to you no matter where you stand with God right now, and just know that no matter what, God doesn’t fail, so keep faith.  





Better Days

December 27, 2008

I love Christmas music.  I love the holiday, and I love the meaning behind it.  I love the fact the we celebrate the day Jesus was born to come save us, that even when He was treated like crap He led an amazing earthly life to serve us and die on a cross for us even though we are so undeserving.  The sad part about Christmas is that it is so easy to miss that meaning, to commercialize it and to make it all about presents and santa.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that part of Christmas, because its fun and I love seeing people receive gifts I give them, and I also love receiving them as well.  But because of this I sometimes lose sight of what Christmas is all about.  This is where presents and trees and decorations take my focus off Jesus.  But a buddy of mine told me that they did this song at the Christmas Eve service at her church and it took me a while to realize why.  “Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls is such an AMAZING song.  The message is great and so true. Even though the GGD’s arent a “Christian” band, they did a great job of summing up this holiday, and how it should be viewed.  The whole songs is about just loving and caring in hopes that we will find “better days”.  I attached the Christmas version of the video I found for it, so I hope you take a couple minutes to watch and enjoy it. 



on another note, I’m leaving for Florida in a day or so to roadtrip with my boys for the new year.  This is the closest I have come to going on a “faith led trip”.  We have no solid plans.  We have a car, a tent, cities we want to go to, and hopefully people we know in those cities.  Really there is no telling what will happen on this trip but I am confident that God will use this in our lives to encourage us and make us stronger.  I have no idea who we will meet, what we will do, or better yet what God will do.  So it should be fun and look for a post in a week or so to hear more about it.  After all Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians to “live by faith, not by sight”. 


Brandon Thomas

“If I Were a Boy”

December 16, 2008

Fellas….I love this song but at the same time I dont.  I think my girl Beyonce does a great job of explaining how bad we suck sometimes.  But I also think this is a challenge to all men, to stop being so bad at life.  Girls dont realize its hard being a guy.  We got a million different things goin on in our lives and our girlfriends are part of that.  Behind God, I would say our girlfriends/fiances’/wives deserve that second spot in our lives,  alongside with our family and close friends.  So good for beyonce for this song.  Granted she prob didnt write it, the message is pretty close to true.  However, I also plan on writing “If I Were a Girl” and recording that so look forward to that post, because I think we deserve to write a song as well. anyways I posted the video, its pretty well done. let me know your thoughts



Man Up! This ones for you MEN

November 19, 2008

Songs have pretty much been doing it for me lately.  This one I really like called “Man Up” by Da T.R.U.T.H is SICK!  This one is for you guys. Enjoy the music video and I hope that this spurs you on towards being more like men of God.  Great message and lyrics.  enjoy suckas! i also think you’ll enjoy the movie clips used in the video.

When I Grow Up

November 15, 2008

So I was randomly thinking about what kind of dad I want to be when I grow up. Then on the radio I hear the song “watching you” by Rodney Atkins and it talks all about how his boy is so in love with him that he wants to do everything like his daddy and imitates his every move. So when I grow up, I want to be a dad like this, and have a great influence on my son or daughter. Granted that wont be for a very long time, it was a nice thought to have. I’ve attached the music video, enjoy.

on a side note, I feel like in our relationships with God, our heavenly father, we should be the same as the little boy in the song, always trying to imitate our dad because we love Him. So if we do that, how would that change our lives? Just a random thought, enjoy the music.



Slow Fade

November 9, 2008

Great new song I heard by casting crowns. Its called “slow fade”. Absolutely amazing song. It talks about how falling away from Jesus isnt something that happens in just one day. Its a process and we sometimes dont even notice it. We also have to be careful about what we see, what we do, and what we hear, because its the “second look that kills us” and pulls away from God. But the best part about all of this is that we are always pursued by God no matter how much we are fading. check out the song, its amazing.

For all you ladies

October 16, 2008

This song by Lecrae, called “wait” is all about seeking God first, and letting Him satisfy you, not worrying about guys and giving all that up to Jesus. Its for all you ladies. I hope this is encouraging to you and you can seek Him first. Only because I believe that daughters of God only deserve the best.

“a womans heart should be so wrapped in Jesus that a man should have to seek Him to find her”