More Beautiful You

Sooo, the school has gotten off to a rough start.  Surprise surprise.  I’m already getting senioritis and its only 4 days into my last semester. This does not boad well for the rest of it.  I just wanted to share a bit about the transition back into the “real” world and life after summer staff and some things I’ve noticed and some little insights God has shown me.

It’s so obvious that the world dictates so much about how we view things.  Like for instance, how we look.  As I come back to College Park and the weather is amazing, people tend to dress “their best”.  In other words, when its hot, and you got a body to match, you show it off.  The funny part to me isn’t that girls and guys dress in these ways to show off their bodies, it’s the fact that they feel that they have to, to be accepted into the world we live in, to be “beautiful”.  The world defines what is beautiful and whats not.  Does that sound messed up to anyone else?  People go from putting on loads of make up, to taking steroids to look ripped and huge, to getting fake boobs, to getting clothes that show off everything that is legal and so on.  I’m not hating on these people, nor do I think that I am better than them in any way, so please don’t think this is a “hater sesh”, because it’s not.  I’m just saying it’s crazy to do these things because we are pressured to believe that this is whats beautiful, that true beauty comes from how many heads turn as you walk into a bar or classroom, or how many people stop while walking past you on the sidewalk to take a second look.

I heard a song a while back and fell in love with it, but recently have really been listening to it a lot and really taking in the message and words of the song.  The song talks about what this girl has to compare herself to.  As she “flips through a magazine” and sees all these “perfect” women and wants to be just like them.  She says she doesn’t though because her body doesn’t look like that and shes always been called overweight.  Then later it goes on to say that shes now 21 and done some things to feel beautiful.  She has given herself away, found her identity in men, and so forth.  Then the chorus of the song really got to me.  It says , “There could never be a more beautiful you, don’t buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through, you were made to fill a purpose, that only you could do, so there could never be a more beautiful you.”

God has given us this purpose, but not only that, He CREATED US.  In Genesis 1:27 it talks about God creating us in His own image.  If we were created in His image, why are we trying so hard to live up to this image that world has set out.  In Romans 12:2 it says, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  We were made for a purpose, and God has created us especially for it, so we are perfect just the way we are.  We don’t have to live up to expectations.  We don’t have to dress or act a certain way to be accepted and loved by God.  That’s a pretty amazing feeling and I feel that this song does a great job of explaining it.  Hope you enjoy.




2 Responses to “More Beautiful You”

  1. Nick Lane Says:

    you are beautiful ❤

  2. tara Says:

    love your post. you are so right. the world’s definition of “beautiful” is messed up and very twisted. have you read ted dekker’s book “the martyr’s song”? it’s fiction but could very well be true, and he always brings up amazing points. this particular book is much about beauty and the way we see versus the way God sees. i bet you would love it. 🙂

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